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Sammi Haney


Sammi Haney plays Esperanza (Dion's best friend), a sassy wheelchair user, on Netflix's Raising Dion. For this role she was nominated for a Children's & Family Emmy (CAFE) for Outstanding Young Performer. She also voices Piper on Disney Junior's FireBuds. Sammi started DisabilityShirts (see links), an online t-shirt company that provides themed apparel for people with disabilities in a mission to spread awareness, acceptance, and love for the disability community. Sammi Haney was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type III or "Brittle Bone Disease".

Please Support Sammi Haney Because She Supports Us.

Social Work

Sammi Haney along with her father Matt Haney, have been supporting CoYOUnity for years. They provide support for the community and the world and have done so from the generosity of their hearts. They have never charged CoYOUnity for their support. 

Sammi has provided our youth reporters with an interview, has signed her autograph to dozens of shirts from her clothing line at, has signed autogprahed pictures, and starred in our very first commercial. She is our Everyday Superhero.

Sammi doing an interview with our youth reporters

Sammi Signing shirts for us

Sammi doing our first commercial

Raising Dion

Sammi started her acting career in the Netflix series "Raising Dion". Her potrayal of the sassy sidekick Esperanza is significant because not only is she an amazing actress, but she is an advocate for authentic representation amongst the disabled community. 


Disability Shirts

Sammi created a tshirt company called Her store provides themed apparel and products for people with disabilities (and their parents and supporters) in a mission to spread awareness, acceptance, and love for those with disabilities.


Emmy Nomination


Sammi recently was announced as a nominee for the first-ever Children’s & Family Emmys, a new standalone expansion of the Emmy Awards. 




Sammi does voice over work for Disneys animated show "Firebuds".


“Firebuds” weaves disability and health topics into many of its storylines, and characters with disabilities are featured in several episodes. Disney’s commitment to disability inclusion is also evident in the casting of actors with disabilities to voice select “Firebuds” characters.

ABILITY Magazine caught up with Sammi Haney who voices “Piper” and Henry Shipp, the voice of “Castor” on “Firebuds.” In separate conversations, Sammi and Henry each shared their experiences on “Firebuds,” and what they hope young viewers will learn from the show.

- Source Ability Magazine

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