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                            ABOUT CoYOUnity


                       We want to change the world 

                                      Starting with YOU


CoYOUnity is a non-profit youth program servicing New York City, by providing an incentive to learn. CoYOUnity sponsors classes, workshops, and mini challenges, to children and teens, and then rewards them with toys, concert tickets, gift cards, and more. By rewarding youth for their efforts, we help children associate learning with gratification.

Being charitable is wonderful and commendable. Many children benefit tremendously, or even rely on donations and the altruism from their community. However, when you incentivize work along with the donations, you provide something priceless. You give the gift of INITIATIVE. You help instill a sense of accomplishment towards the learning process, which is a gift that keeps on giving.

We want to make this simple. There are lot's of things wrong with the world today.  You can name many of the problems yourself. We don't need to point them all out.


What's CoYOUnity's stance on combating it all....?

Influencing the next generation to find new, innovative, modern, and practical solutions to our worlds problems.

We reward our youth for learning! By being proactive, instead of reactive, we can change the entire paradigm and social pattern of our society.

Productivity isnt born, it is created. Help us, help ourselves, TOGETHER!