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About Us

Since 2014 CoYOUnity has inspired over
20,000 youth to recognize the intrinsic
rewards of the learning process. With a
core mission to provide and connect youth
with skill-building programs and initiatives
that they otherwise may not have access to, we
aid in increasing a child's interest in the

learning process; specifically (but not limited to)
children of color living in poverty.

According to The National Center For Children In Poverty, over 11 million kids in the United States live below the federal poverty line. This means these children are growing up with limited access to basic necessities like food, shelter, and healthcare. The opportunity for exposure to alternative forms of education is sparse, and understandably low priority in impoverished households. Childhood poverty is directly related to adult poverty. 

                                                      CoYOUnity works with a plethora of non-                                                                profits and educational agencies, as well as                                                            develops our own initiatives and programs, to                                                          connect youth to a varied and eclectic range                                                          of equitable interests. How many low-income                                                          youth have access to a sailing class? Fencing?                                                          Tennis? Journalism? By providing access and                                                             exposure to an array of skill-building                                                                     programs, we have successfully influenced a                                                           direct correlation between the learning                                                                   process and intrinsic value, amongst                                                                     impoverished youth.

Through our varied initiatives and collaborations, we have worked with numerous schools, city agencies, government programs, celebrities, influencers, and professionals. We have connected youth to a range of alternative education including but not limited to:


And many more!

Youth who participate in our programs earn a benefit that will last them into adulthood and add value to their lives both financially and personally, in the form of Resume Building. Not only can they increase their income by adding skills and experience to their work history, but they also acquire the personal gratification of developing an advantage in their lives that they've EARNED. They will feel the satisfaction of being prepared for the workforce with equity and value added.

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