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About Us

CoYOUnity began as a grassroots youth support program founded by a group of friends in Brooklyn New York. Our core mission has always been to incentivize the learning process for youth, in the pursuit of cultivating a positive relationship with the educative experience.

In striving towards our core mission, we have introduced an array of innovative approaches, with a predominant focus on challenge based exercises. Our methodology encourages healthy competition, which helps youth develop their intrinsic self value, motivation, and equity. We measure our success by a childs aquisition of information. Have they left our program knowing just a little bit more than when they came in? Did they enjoy acquring that knowlege? Have we helped provide them with a direct corellation between obtaining information and challenging entertainment? Then we have done our job, and planted a seed in The Garden of Higher Learning.

Since our inception in 2016, we have rewarded students with over 20,000 prizes, using challenges as a catalyst.

Most recently we began the development of a semi- annual, digital youth magazine/publication, with content curated and collaborated by young participants ages 4-18. Our youth reporters have interviewed inspiring and influential public figures like:

Sammi Haney from Netflix's Raising Dion
Tyla-Simone Crayton; teenaged CEO of Shark Tank invested Sienna Sauce
Trey Brown; teenage CEO of Shark Tank invested clothing brand SPERGO
Dr. Jeff Gardere; America's psychologist featured on Maury, CNN, FOX news, and many more
Wuta Onda, finalist on Master Chef with Gordon Ramsey,

and other amazing people in our society.  We are striving to officially launch our first issue September 1st 2022

We will always incorporate non traditional and creative programming, using unique and imaginative methods.   It's what we do! And you can give us a hand by donating through our fiscal sponsor 501 (c)3 Social Good Fund Inc Tax ID # 46-1323531. You will receive a receipt for your tax deductible donation.
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