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Our Sponsor

Wendy Massey


Wendy Massey is the founder of Someone Cares About Me LLC. Someone Cares About Me LLC provides support sessions and reorientation classes which engage and enable youth and adults by providing useful strategies to counter the effects of bullying, low self-esteem, and lack of fulfillment. They employ the use of workshops, life coaching services, anti-bullying campaigns, diversity and inclusion sessions and assemblies, in addition to team-building exercises designed to help their client to feel more confident and secure. They have over a decade of experience facilitating self-esteem classes, empowerment programs and workshops to help support communities and individuals worldwide!


Wendy Massey has contributed financial support to CoYOUnity in our biggest times of need. She has also uplifted us through hard times with her words of encouragement and positive disposition. 

Support Wendy because she has supported us. 

You can visit her website at

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