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  • Students read our digital publication at their discretion. DARE by CoYOUnity and all of our programs are elective to students. 

  • We offer and provide exclusive and cool prizes, that are purposefully limited. Each prize has a point value. The first student to earn the designated points can redeem their prize. The race is on!

  • DARE by CoYOUnity is comprised of a series of learning challenges, based on articles and interviews, conducted by students. There are 14 segments. Each segment consists of the following tools:

Research. Memorize. Recite. Or RMR - Students are challenged to research a word or term, memorize its meaning, and then recite. They upload their submissions for review from REAL CoYOUnity team members, and credited with points to their personal accounts.


Reference - Students must refer to a text to find information required for a challenge.


Explore - Requires students to go out into their neighborhoods and engage with their communities. Many of

our explore challenges entail interaction with family.


Bonus - Student submissions are chosen for our next issue and the student are awarded bonus points .


Apply - Students apply for positions and roles in future issues, like re;porter, photographer, and artist. They

earn bonus points for their contribution.



  • Student ambassadors Student ambassadors represent their school and have the responsibility of keeping their constituents updated with CoYOUnity news and updates. They also organize suggestions, opinions, and feedback from their student peers, and present them to CoYOUnity for review. They are held accountable for their roles, and offered a sign on bonus, contingent on their performance.

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