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Red Velvet Sewing Challenge (NYC only)


A FREE sewing class for children 5-17, learning the basics of sewing.



Saturday April 7th and 14th from 2-4 P.M


Park Slope Library, Meeting Room



What do you get in return? (The burning question)


$25 coyounity dollars towards KPOP merch. Since supplies are limited, we only have spots for 8 participants. Sign up for a chance to participate.


To enter the Red Velvet Sewing challenge click here. 


Want to look at our KPOP merch? Click here.


Why does CoYOUnity support KPOP?


Well first off they follow the 3             I's. Read about them HERE.


There are a multitude of musical influences saturating our youth of today. Face it. The millennials of this generation are terribly smart and can access anything on the World Wide Web, tv, radio, and print. A vast and startling majority of the music children are exposed to is profane, glorifies sex, drug use, and violence. This type of music is dangerous as it sets the tone that acting precariously has no recourse. But it does! If you use drugs, you become an addict, and depressed, dependent on the drug just to get out of bed. If you use violence, people get hurt and you most likely get thrown in jail or injured yourself, or both. If you participate in illicit activities like (cover your ears kids) S.E.X, you catch diseases, have pregnancies before you are equipped to take care of them, and raise a new generation of kids who are ill prepared to handle life's problems. The artists in the industry today are being egregiously irresponsible with their message. But KPOP is bubble gum, happy, emotional, melodic, and promotes the exploration of other cultures. When youth listen to KPOP, they develop an interest in learning the Korean language. We here at CoYOUnity believe that KPOP has a positive impact on the happiness levels, and curiosity of our youth and we can get behind that! We support that! 


So fangirl/fanboy on, learn your Hangeul, learn and explore other people, cultures, and interest, and learn and earn some KPOP merch!

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