Monster High Create-A-Monster Color-Me-Creepy Desi

Create your own fangtastic monster with the Monster High Create-A-Monster Color-Me-Creepy Design Chamber. It includes everything ghoulish minds need to add clawesome details to hair, clothing and skin. Use the heat tool, ice tool, spritzer, wig and fashions for unique looks and customized styles. The new color-change transformational capabilities make it easy to create scary, cool monsters that have fierce personalities. When the experiment is done and the lab closes, everything fits into the chamber for easy transport and storage. The set includes the chamber, 1 chair, 1 heat tool, 1 ice tool, 1 spritzer, 1 detailing sponge, 1 color-change wig, 1 color-change fashion, 1 pair of shoes, extra body parts, monster pieces, 1 color-change tumbler and 1 color-change breaker. Ages 6 and up.