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Our Sponsor

Erin Twamley


Mrs. Twamley is a writer, a researcher, a lifetime member of Girl Scouts and STEMinist. Her passion is working with kids of all ages and grade levels, with a focus on upper elementary (3rd-6th). Erin's encounters have led to the recognition of her exemplary leadership in education as demonstrated in the completion of her superhero training with a Masters of Education (M.Ed.).


Erin has donated us dozens of books to help contribute to our cause and sustainability. She has also inspired us to use The Scientific method in our own processes.

Please support her because she supports us!

You can visit her page and see her other books at

Erin Twamley provided us with dozens of copies of Everyday Superheroes: Women In STEM careers.


How many switches do you flip in a day? How many devices do you plugin? Our world is powered by energy. So who are the people helping to power our planet? Energy Superheroes!

In this book, meet thirty-four real-life energy superheroes. They install solar panels, dig wells miles into the ground, connect zigzagging power lines, and drive us into the future with battery-powered cars.

Women in Energy Careers is the second book in the Everyday Superheroes series published by WiseInk sharing the stories, careers and superpowers of modern diverse women. 

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