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                                        takes donated used clothing and allots a bundle to Fabrica Fashionistas. These fashionista's

                                         are teenagers ages 14-18 and in high school. They are paired with a student in grade                                                       school, and interview their "Muse" about their personal style. They then develop a line for their "muse", either using the original pieces in tandem, or repurposing them into other styles. The Fashionista gets experience on their portfolio and resume as well as helping a younger person increase their wardrobe. A muse gets access to free clothing and inspiration developing their personal style. Fashionsita's also have the opportunity to pair outfits together to be sold in their own CoYOUnity Fabrica Store. Once a year, our muses have an opportunity to model their outfits, to help benefit the sustainability of our programming and add to their resume. 

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