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  • Students read our digital publication at their discretion. DARE by CoYOUnity and all of our programs are elective to students. 

It's not that we don't value structure and the importance of a required curriculum, which is always designed for students to meet developmental standards and milestones. We most certainly do!; CoYOUnity is NOT intended to be a replacement for traditional and standardized curricula. We highly appreciate, understand, and support, the importance of the well developed and DOE standard guided curriculum, in place already. CoYOUnity is a supplemental program, and the electiveness of the program is what drives a students inner and intrinsic motivation. They aren't required to participate in the DARE by CoYOUnity program, but are usually compelled to, because they feel independence and power over their decision to participate. They feel empowered and as a result, develop accountability. They are in charge, and their ability to win prizes is all dependent on their own drive, engagement, and merit.  Read why elective courses work!

5 Benefits Of Elective Courses

by Mark Molloy

  • We offer and provide exclusive and cool prizes, that are purposefully limited. Each prize has a point value. The first student to earn the designated points can redeem their prize. The race is on!

As is the case with society in general, supply and demand determine labor and drive. When there is abundance and comfort, complacency usually follows. When there is a shortage, an exclusivity factor, and uncomfort, progress usually follows. Students love to win! Because students are people, driven by the same inner motivations as us. Read why healthy competition is....well...HEALTHY!

The Benefits Of Healthy Competition

by Linda Mintle

  • DARE by CoYOUnity is comprised of a series of learning challenges, based on articles and interviews, conducted by students. There are 14 segments.

Students are the nucleus of DARE by CoYOUnity, and they should know it! They curate the content, conduct all the interviews, and do the videography and photography collaboratively with peers from other school networks, and all of it can be done remotely. Perks like professional photo shoots, sign on packages, and exclusive celebrity interviews and excursions, help students correlate their contributions with success. They feel empowered by their work and collaboration and therefore develop work ethic, driven by intrinsic reward and motivation, not just the possibility of a material reward. Read why students should contribute to the direction of their own learning process.

Why Schools Should Involve Students In Decision Making

by Times Reporter

              Each segment consists of the following tools:


Research. Memorize. Recite. Or RMR - Students are challenged to research a word or term, memorize its meaning, and then recite. They upload their submissions for review from REAL CoYOUnity team members, and credited with points to their personal accounts.

At the core of a good education, is good study skills. Studying is essentially memorization through repetition. Our challenges main component is RMR, or Research Memorize Recite. Students who don't take the initiative or fearful of asking questions, are usually left behind in their confusion. We require students to research a word or term, developing their propensity for seeking out information they don't know. We then require students to memorize the word or term and submit a video of them reciting the word or term aloud. As a reoccurring challenge in our publication, RMR trains students to memorize, and develop good study habits. Read about how memorization strategies benefit healthy study habits. 

Memorization Strategies

By University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill


Reference - Students must refer to a text to find information required for a challenge.

DARE by CoYOUnity consists of reference challenges, which require students to skim and scan articles for information. Skimming and scanning increases reading speed and allows students to develop identification of main ideas and priority of information. Read how skimming and scanning strategies help increase reading speeds and comprehension.

Skimming and Scanning: Two important strategies for speeding up your reading

By Abby Markes Beale



Explore - Requires students to go out into their neighborhoods and engage with their communities. Many of our explore challenges entail interaction with family.

Exploration is a tool we use to promote engagement with the real world. Our exploration challenges promote tolerance, diversity, and critical thinking skills. Have you ever seen a highly intelligent person who was extremely close minded or bigotedExploration helps students develop into well rounded adults. Read about the benefits of encouraging children to explore.

Let Your Child Explore The World

By little travel bug


Bonus - Student submissions are chosen for our next issue and the student are awarded bonus points.

Bonus points act as springboards for students, rewarding them with a sizable amount of extra points, and placing them closer to their goal prize. Submissions chosen for bonus points provide students with recognition for their body of work and propel them closer to achieving their goal. The rewards are numerous, both material and intrinsic. Read about rewards for youth and their benefits, IF used properly.

Go Ahead, Heap Rewards On Your Kids

By Melinda Wenner Moyer


Apply - Students apply for positions and roles in future issues, like reporter, photographer, and artist. They earn bonus points for their contribution.

Students in poor socio-economic areas, don't usually have the luxury of a variety of career examples. A resume is a tool that isn't understood by many youth in disadvantaged areas. DARE by CoYOUnity helps students not only develop their resumes with their collaborative contributions, but also helps children explore the importance of a resume. Read why resumes are an important tool for youth.

Why Children Need Resumes

By Donna Kristine Manley



Student ambassadors Student ambassadors represent their school and have the responsibility of keeping their constituents updated with CoYOUnity news and updates. They also organize suggestions, opinions, and feedback from their student peers, and present them to CoYOUnity for review. They are held accountable for their roles, and offered a sign on bonus, contingent on their performance.

Our entire nation will be ran by our youth in a few decades, and DARE by CoYOUnity puts the political process into perspective by engaging students in the process of our own democracy. Students who take on leadership roles within our program are graded and then rewarded for their performance, communication, and organization, giving them a hands on experience in the political world. Future issue components are decided by a popular vote throughout schools, and ambassadors act as congressman and representatives.  Read why youth should engage in politics!

The Importance Of Youth Engagement In Politics

By Lincoln Strategy Group

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