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What is CoYOUnity?

CoYOUnity is a youth development program, based in Brooklyn NY. It is an incentive based program, designed to promote a desire to learn and explore. We offer workshops, classes, and events to underserved youth, in an array of skill building areas, like sewing, 3d printing, dance, art, chess, and many more. We then reward participants with toys, gift cards, concert tickets, etc.

How does CoYOUnity work?

CoYOUnity works and partners with schools, city organizations, and private businesses, to provide youth with workshops, mini classes, challenges, competitions, projects, and shows, in an array of areas.  When children participate and complete their designated tasks, they are rewarded with incentives, like toys, clothes, concert tickets, and more.

How do I sign up?

Any available program will be listed on our events page. There will be a sign up link or pertinent information included in each listing.

Can I volunteer or become a sponsor?

Yes! We would love and appreciate volunteers and sponsors! Please email us with your interest.

Where are you located and who do you service?

Our roots started in New York, where our youth are in desperate need of positive influences and skill building, but we are also currently servicing Chester Pennsylvania, a town with one of the highest homicide rates in America. As we grow, we will be available in schools all throughout the country.

Can I make a donation?

YES! We are absolutely BEAMING with pride to announce our partnership with Social Good Fund Tax ID number: 46-1323531, our gracious and inspirational Fiscal Sponsor. This means, that although coYOUnity itself doesn't have a 501(c)3 tax exemption, our fiscal sponsor, does. Donations would be donated directly to Social Good Fund, who would then allot and grant funds to CoYOUnity as a project under their charitable organization. All donations to CoYOUnity will be eligible for a tax exemption. We are proud to be partners with Social Good Fund, and are working diligently to build and maintain trust between our sponsor and our donors, by being transparent, forthright, and virtuous. 

We encourage the donation of TOYS and GIFT CARDS. Although, new  toys are preferable, we do accept lightly used toys. We reward the youth with anything they find valuable. Concert tickets, posters, clothes, movie tickets. We would love if you were in a store, and saw a cool and inexpensive toy and thought to yourself "this would be cool for the kids." The world''s kids. We want you to pull from the inner child, and gift a scholar with something that engages that ever curious kid inside you.

Material donations must be dropped off at our storage location in Brooklyn. Please email or text Nikki at (646)804-9105 to schedule a drop off and receive address, 

Cash donations must be made directly to Social Good Fund throug FlipCause. Please click HERE to donate. We will issue a receipt for all donations, cash or material. 

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